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Bible Verses to Comfort You

Sometimes, when things go wrong in your life, it is easy to forget who you are. You feel unhappy, you may even feel worthless or unqualified. Beyond every single one of your success and failures, is an Almighty God from above Who knows you, and loves you nonetheless.  If you are constantly finding yourself in a slump, start spending time in the Word to get right back on track. Here are some comforting Bible Verses to get you started.

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Our 1st Birthday! (Giveaway Details Inside)

1 August 2021 is 4319.CO's 1st birthday! We wouldn't have come this far without God's Grace and your kind support for this very special passion project of ours. Read more to find instructions on how to redeem a free gift this month!

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Maybe You're Just Burnt Out

Have you ever felt so glum that you couldn’t find it in you to get out of bed on a weekend? We sure have, and we know just what you need. Here are 7 uplifting Bible Verses that will pick you right up.

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Ways to Practice His Presence On A Busy Schedule

We all have bad days, sometimes, we even feel as though God isn't present on those days. The truth is that He never leaves you, He is there with you all the time - especially on your bad days. Amidst our busy schedule of running our passion project 4319.CO alongside our full time jobs, this is how we practice remaining in His presence while getting on with our day.

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