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Ways to Practice His Presence On A Busy Schedule

Ways to Practice His Presence While On A Busy Schedule | Worship Music | Quick Prayer | Busy Christians | Christian Life | Christian Walk | Bible Verse

We all have bad days, sometimes, we even feel as though God isn't present on those days. The truth is that He never leaves you, He is there with you all the time - especially on your bad days. Amidst our busy schedule of running our passion project 4319.CO alongside our full time jobs, this is how we practice remaining in His presence while getting on with our day.

By Listening to Worship Music

On the commute, in the shower, while doing work - worship music never fails to bring us an overwhelming sense of His presence. Here are some of our favorite tunes!

It Is Well - Bethel Music
I Surrender All (All To Jesus) - Casting Crowns
He Will Carry You - Scott Wesley Brown
Star of Promise - New Creation Worship
Open the Eyes of My Heart / Lord I Give You My Heart - Caleb and Kelsey

By Following Christ-Centered Pages on Social Media

Ever heard a friend mention that they are going on a ‘social media cleanse’?
Social media undeniably has a drastic impact on any person who owns a smartphone in this modern day and age. It is a space with the potential for powerful messages to be spread, but also a place where negative thoughts are bred. You have a choice on what you want to feed on everyday and we love following uplifting Christ-Centered pages that remind us of God’s love in bite-sized pieces of content as we scroll through our newsfeed in between breaks. Here are some of our personal favorite pages that we think you will love!

1. @thebestchristianmemes

If you love Jesus and you love memes, this one's for you!


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2. @mygodsays

What God says: He loves you.


3. @biblelockscreens

For daily encouragement based on the Bible!


By Whispering A Prayer Under Our Masks

One good thing that we discovered about having to wear face masks is that we are now able to whisper a prayer in public without getting noticed. Isn't that great?
As we go about our day - whenever we face minor setbacks or major disappointments, we lift it up to Jesus. It can be a prayer that is as short as: "Jesus, I don't know what caused this to happen, but you have gone before and after me. Therefore I place this worry unto you, and rest in your name. Today will be a great day. Amen."

By Journaling At the End of Each Day

Journaling is a great way to pen down your thoughts while fostering a closeness with God. We find that reading a Bible verse a day before writing our thoughts on the verse helps us in our Spiritual growth and personal walk with Jesus.


By Placing Reminders of God's Love Around Us

Christian Gifts | Mug, Journal at Work Space | Modern Christian Living

Before 4319.CO was birthed, we have encountered some dark phases in our lives when we knew that we needed God, yet did not think of opening up the Scriptures or asking God for help. It was till we glanced upon the gifts that we have forgotten about, given by a Christian family member, that reminded us that there's someone who can help us in our darkest valley. That person is Jesus. These gifts acted as a tiny reminder for us - then, it was in the form of book titles and home decorations. This is one of the reasons why 4319.CO was birthed. We started this passion project because we wanted to share the Gospel of Grace in our own little way - through these little items that you will use or see everyday. A small gift that you may reach out to your backslidden friend with, a loved one who has been battling with depression and hiding away, or just to surround yourself with the truths that you need to hear everyday.

Whoever these timeless Christian gifts go out to, we hope that it will speak to you, especially on your bad days.

If you're keen to find out more about how 4319.CO was birthed, check out our very first blog article here.

Need a reminder? Shop our collection of daily reminders here.

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