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Our 1st Birthday! (Giveaway Details Inside)

Hey Beloved,

Today is 4319.CO's 1st birthday! We wouldn't have come this far without God's Grace and your kind support for this very special passion project of ours.

4319.CO launched with a handful of Christian gift items - and the very first was the "Isaiah 43:19" Tote Bag

“Behold, I will do a new thing. It springs out now. Don’t you know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” - Isaiah 43:19
This verse means so much to us personally.
I grew up in a broken family with little guidance, my youth was one hot mess. But God has done a new thing for me, time and again - from recovering from a deadly addiction, to starting over from suicide attempts, to snagging a life-changing career.
God turned that all around, not because I worked to turn it around, but because my story which God has written, has not yet come to an end. Every single day, I am reminded of all the blessings and fresh starts that God has given me. 

Isaiah 43:19 birthed 4319.CO, which was God's new thing for us.

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I’d never dreamed of starting a Christian gifts store. But I heard God’s calling to pair my passion for design with a burning desire to spread God's Word. As a marketer, I knew better than to use numbers in branding. It's hard to remember, it's not catchy - but I pray that people will want to look into what 4319 stands for.

  • 4319 represents a time for new beginnings, even when the chapter seems to be ending
  • 4319 says that even though your current situation seems bleak, God is in the process of doing a new thing, something miraculous and almost impossible like causing springs of water to flow in a barren land
  • 4319 reminds you that God is the Author of your life and you never know when a new chapter is about to begin

To the lost sheep or friends who are currently facing a setback and are trying to break free, remember:
God is for you and He is always with you. 
He turned my life around, He will do it for you too. 
So, never give up, dear friend. Because God has not given up on you. 

Celebrating Our 1st Birthday With You!

To celebrate this special milestone and thank you for listening, we are giving away a free "Isaiah 43:19" Tote Bag with any purchase, exclusively for our mailing list subscribers. Valid for the entire month of August 2021, while stocks last.

 Use the promo code “HAPPYBDAY4319” at checkout to redeem this free gift while stocks last!

Ensure that you...

  • Use the same email address that is subscribed to our mailing list in the 'Contact Information' portion of the checkout page
  • Add one "Isaiah 43:19" Tote Bag to your cart to receive it for free when you checkout using the promo code
  • Your cart should have a total of 2 items (including the free "Isaiah 43:19" Tote Bag) for the promo code to be applied successfully

Thank you for supporting us since Day 1, beloved!

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