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Yahweh Christian Face Mask, reusable and adjustable made in Singapore with moisture-wicking fabric, perfect for sports.
Black christian face mask suitable for sports and outdoors, adjustable ear strap and moisture wicking fabric.

"Yahweh" Face Mask

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יהוה (yud-hei-vav-hei) is the name used for God in the Hebrew Bible. We hope that this face mask will serve as a reminder of Yahweh's presence and protection over you, especially during this season. Made with moisture-wicking fabric to bring you increased comfort and protection without compromising on its breathability, this face mask is also quick-drying and comes with an adjustable ear strap. The "Yahweh" Face Mask is the perfect Christian gift for you and your loved ones!

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Care Instructions
For hot-water laundry cycles, wash with detergent or disinfectant in water at 50°C for at least 25 minutes. If low-temperature (i.e. less than 50°C) laundry cycles are used, do take note to choose a chemical that is suitable for low-temperature washing when used at the proper concentration.