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Christian Woman wearing 4319.CO black BELOVED Christian Face Mask | Breathable Sports Material. Christian Gift Shop Singapore
Christian Woman in Black Psalm 91 Face Mask: Christian Bible Verse Face Mask, Shop for Christian Gift Singapore
Yahweh Christian Face Mask, reusable and adjustable made in Singapore with moisture-wicking fabric, perfect for sports.
Aleph Tav - the Alpha and the Omega, Christian Face mask

Face Mask Bundle (Bundle of 3)

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Face masks have quickly turned into an everyday item amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 4319.CO face masks are made with moisture-wicking fabric to bring you increased comfort and protection without compromising on its breathability, our face masks are also quick-drying and comes with an adjustable ear strap.

For every bundle purchased on 4319.CO, $1 will go to the outreach ministry of a local church in Singapore.

View "BELOVED" Face Mask here
View "Psalm 91" Face Mask here
View "Yahweh" Face Mask here
View "Aleph Tav" Face Mask here

Care Instructions
For hot-water laundry cycles, wash with detergent or disinfectant in water at 50°C for at least 25 minutes. If low-temperature (i.e. less than 50°C) laundry cycles are used, do take note to choose a chemical that is suitable for low-temperature washing when used at the proper concentration.

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